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Projects Resources Coordinated (PRC) is your full-service commercial asphalt and concrete solutions provider in Sarasota, FL

What We Do

Asphalt & Concrete

All phases of commercial asphalt and concrete construction for projects of all sizes.

Maintenance and Repairs

PRC is a total solutions provider, we can offer you a variety of maintenance and repair options for your property.

Design & Permitting

PRC can assist with your design and engineering as well as help navigate the permitting process where necessary. 

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Asphalt Paving

Project Resources Coordinated provides and performs asphalt products and services throughout Florida’s West Coast. Some of the key services our technicians offer include asphalt paving, overlaying, patching, excavation, installation of subgrade, grading, concrete install, crack seal, seal coat, slurry seal, striping micro-surfacing, barricades and more. Meet with us to learn how we can make your next asphalt project run smooth, on time and on budget with minimal disruption to your business. We can work with any size project.

  • Assessment Reports
  • Patching & Repair
  • Sealing with Additives
  • Striping & Surface Markers
  • Handicap Markers & Signs
  • Wheel Stop Replacements & Installations
  • Bollard Replacements & Installations
  • Safety Barriers & Traffic Controls
  • Grading, Milling & Hauling
  • Root Grinding & Tack
  • Asphalt Delivery & Paving

PRC Concrete Services

The concrete contractors at PRC offer a variety of services depending on the needs of your project. Whether you are looking for a new concrete installation, replacement, or repair, these services ensure that the concrete fixture is durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

The concrete services offered by our concrete contracting team provide on Florida’s West Coast include parking lots, curb and gutter, curb wall, sidewalk, flatwork (such as dumpster pads), collars, aprons and more.

  • Assessment Reports
  • Quotes, Inspections
  • Concrete Forming, Pouring & Finishing
  • Curbing, Valley, Gutters & Miami Curbs
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Patios & Pool Decks
  • Building Foundations
  • Turnkey Plumbing Trenching
  • Core Drilling & Concrete Cutting
  • Repair & Patching
  • Slab, Curb, & Wall Sawing
  • Demolition & Hauling
  • Protected Drilling & Sawing with Controlled Air & EPS Waste Disposal Service
  • Resurfacing

Sarasota, Florida Paving Contractor

Why PRC is a Different Paving Company

PRC is a “One-Stop Shop, for all your asphalt and concrete needs,” offering a large variety of construction services. PRC has over 40 years experience in construction management and a vast array of resources. Our unwavering commitment to quality and service has made us a leader in the asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance industry in the greater Sarasota, Florida area.

From commercial parking lots, driveways and pathways, to municipal and state projects of all sizes. We provide a host of services for a variety of private and public sectors including business of any size, hospitals, car dealerships, trailer parks, shopping centers, educational institutions and more. We look forward to providing all your building, maintenance and repair asphalt or concrete needs.

Recent PRC Projects

Sarasota parking lot repair

EVIE'S - Bee Ridge

Parking lot reconfiguration and resurfacing with many logistical issues being addressed, EVIE’S is one PRC project we are particularly proud of. Read on to see how PRC can make your concrete or asphalt project run on time an on budget.

Ringling College of Art + Design

PRC has completed multiple asphalt projects for Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, FL. Ringling appreciated our superior communication, professionalism and ability to work around their schedule…

The Shops at Waterline

This parking lot project at an island resort in Holmes Beach, FL involved grading, milling, base material, hauling, safety barricades, substrate application, rolling, striping, decails, sealing and special ground markings.

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PRC Asphalt & Concrete serves the West Florida markets and is ready to address all of your construction or maintenance needs for Asphalt, Concrete and Site Work. We have more than 30 years’ experience and will estimate and evaluate any property.

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