Sarasota Parking Lot Design & Resurfacing

Multi-use parking lot paving and reconfiguration in Central Sarasota, Florida including car wash, restaurant, mini golf & driving range.

  • Date: October 2020
  • Client: Evies
  • Project Type: Asphalt Paving

Sarasota Asphalt Paving

This high-profile Sarasota landmark property is home to multiple businesses including Evie’s Tavern & Grill, Golf Driving Range, Automated Car Wash & Detail Center, Family Golf Center with PGA Instructors, Mini-Golf Course, Pizza Parlor, Whiffle Ball Court, Gift Shop and Outdoor Concert forum.  These operations are a magnet for a continuous extraordinary heavy traffic count of vehicles and customers.  Logistics and planning as well as consulting for the required permits and approvals to first install a rear parking lot for 700 parking spaces with wheel stops and crush concrete surface to allow for permeable drainage matching County and State requirements. 

Parking lot engineering and design Sarasota florida
Sarasota parking lot repair
Sarasota parking lot resurfacing

That followed the reconfiguration of the existing asphalt parking areas and drive lanes; re-design and graded improvements to the stormwater drainage and on-site ponds; relocating the waste management activities; protecting the outside kitchen equipment with bollards; milling and grading damaged asphalt; replacing damaged landscape islands and curbs; repaving all asphalt and designing and installing a concrete valley curb as a centerline to direct the new drainage system; and striping parking spaces, vacuum stations, ground directional signs, and decals.  All of these were undertaken while directing internal traffic limited by a single in and out driveway off Bee Ridge.

The master plan was prepared to coordinate with a construction project of the new automated car wash.  All the Evie’s businesses continued without any significant interruptions using phasing, off-hours scheduling.  EVIE’S is one PRC project we believe best presents our ability to successfully address very complex projects. Read on to see how PRC can make your concrete or asphalt project run on time, on a fixed budget, with limited business interruption.

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