4 Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Asphalt

Following these simple tips may dramatically increase the overall appearance and lifespan of your parking lot.

Asphalt is an investment for sure. You want to protect it and make sure that it lasts and keeps looking its best. Here are four ways to help you increase the lifespan of your asphalt.

1. Make Sure That You Have Good Drainage

The first way is to make sure that your asphalt has good drainage. This means that there is a way for the water to flow off of your parking lot into a drain. Water is one of asphalts worst enemies, it can decrease the durability and strength of any asphalt. That means that the water can penetrate through creating potholes, cracks and even asphalt failure. To make sure that this doesn’t happen when the asphalt is being laid, make sure that there is proper drainage on the lot.

2. Crack Seal all Cracks

When you see the cracks that have formed in your asphalt, you should get them filled as soon as possible. The opening could collect water and debris inside of it which will deteriorate the road base that is underneath your asphalt. This causes more cracking to occur and could lead to sinkholes or large potholes. Once you have too many cracks or large areas where the asphalt has sunk, your only option is to rip it out and replace it which could be really expensive. So, when you see these cracks you will want to get them filled as quickly as possible.

3. Seal Your Roads and Parking Lots

There are multiple ways that you can seal your road. Each option has its own qualities and benefits. A few of your options may include:

  • Slurry Seal
  • Seal Coat
  • Mastic Seal

No matter which one you choose it is always a good idea to seal your parking lots. It protects it from the sun, water and debris that wants to destroy your asphalt. Sealing your roads will also rejuvenate your current asphalt. It adds more oil to the current asphalt which will make it stronger and more durable to resist cracking and failing. It is recommended to seal your lots six months to a year after the new asphalt is put down.

Then depending on which sealant you chose, you should continue to reseal the asphalt anywhere from two years to 5 years.

4. Repair Potholes

Potholes are created by unfilled cracks that start to multiply and create alligatored cracking. Then one by one each of those cracks pop out and create a large pothole. These potholes don’t just stop there they create more and more cracks until your only option is to replace the entire parking lot. We do not want that to happen, so our advice is when you see these potholes or even the alligatored cracking, get them repaired.

To repair potholes, PRC typically cuts out around the pothole and refill with new asphalt, not just fill the existing hole. If you do this it will help to make your parking lot last much longer.

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